Smoked Salmon & Toast Breakfast

My favorite part about waking up – well there is really no good part about waking up.. I am definitely not a morning person – but my motivation to get up in the morning is breakfast. (The smell of toast in the morning is guaranteed to get me out of bed). Unless I overslept and am running late, I don’t settle for a quick cup of coffee and perhaps a bar for the road, I like to sit down and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

This morning I was inspired by a dish I had at Le Pain Quoditian. It’s really quite east to make if you’re willing to put in a little extra time for an absolutely delicious breakfast.

Smoked Salmon & Toast


Whole Grain Bread (they sell nice fresh loaves at Whole Foods)

Smoked Salmon

Cream Cheese


Lemon Juice

A Shallot

Salt & Pepper (Smoked if you own it)


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Eggs



Simply toast the bread, spread some cream cheese on, and add the smoked salmon. Then squeeze some lemon juice onto the salmon and add pepper to taste (if you own smoked pepper, I think it adds to the smokiness of the salmon) no need to add salt here, as the smoked salmon will probably be quite salty. Next slice a couple rings of the shallot and add it on top of the smoked salmon along with the capers.

As for the salad, I just drizzled some nice extra virgin olive oil over it with some s&p.

The eggs (I just used the egg whites) are scrambled with salt, pepper, and a dash of sage.

Great healthy breakfast, that filled me up and left me feeling completely content!

Smoked Salmon & Toast

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