The Metropolitan’s “Punk: Chaos to Couture” and Dinner at Flex Mussels

This exhibition examined punk’s impact on high fashion from the movement’s birth in the 1970s through its continuing influence today. As one makes their way through the exhibit, each room explores the various concepts and characteristics of Punk fashion from d.i.y. and recycling materials to graffiti and destruction. A mélange of various colors, lighting, and materials, the exhibit truly captured the culture of punk. Each room was artfully set up and each outfit was beautifully displayed.


You can view the gallery photos here, but here are a couple shots Chris managed to sneak (as I am not as sly at taking photos and got told off several times). On a side note, I would absolutely kill for the dress on the left

Punk Exhibit Outfits

After the Punk Exhibition, we explored the rest of the museum.

Met Exploration

Having walked around for several hours, we eventually decided it was time to go searching for my other love in life: food. There’s a restaurant nearby called Flex Mussels on 82nd St between Lex and 3rd, known for their p.e.i. mussels and the variety of ways they prepare them. Chris loves mussels, so we thought we’d check it out. It had a nice atmosphere with its slightly modern yet nautical decor, with a busy bar at the front and dining space in a back room. They had Delirium Tremens on tap that night, a Belgian golden ale with a fresh fruity aroma and a sweet yet mildly sour taste. I tried it for the first time and have decided it is my new favorite beer.


To start, Chris had the fried oysters and I had mushrooms in a lemony olive oil dressing with Parmagian and basil. For our main course, Chris got the Little Neck Mussels and I ordered the Whole Fish of the Day, a Branzino stuffed with rosemary, oranges, and lemons. It was all delicious  and we were too full to order desert. A word of advice: the portions are large; split an entrée and an appetizer.

Flex Mussels

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