A Day In Greenwich

It was absolutely gorgeous out the other day; the perfect weather to just take a day off and head to the beach! Motivated by my newly purchased workout clothes from Forever 21, I actually got myself to go on a quick run beforehand (and even managed to convince Chris to join me!) I was really pleased with my new gear from Forevr21 and highly recommend you check out their stuff (especially those of you who are broke after purchasing just a few items from lululemon). I had no idea that they did activewear, and after searching everywhere for some cute sports bras and workout tanks, found exactly what I was looking for and more on their site. The fact that each item was $15 or less was definitely a plus as well. What I was most pleased about when my package finally arrived, was the comfort and quality of the clothing for their price. The spandex had a little pocket for a key and the sports bras were very supportive. But enough about my workout clothes!

Greenwich 4

En route to Greenwich beach, we had to stop at Green & Tonic, a recently opened small Heath food store and cafe. My good friend Desiree had recommended it to me, and I was dying to try one of their juices or smoothies. If you’ve ever been to an Organic Avenue, it reminded me a lot of that. A modern, green atmosphere, with raw vegan treats/snacks and freshly made juices stocking their shelves. The added bonus about this place is that they make smoothies and also allow you to build your own salad. I ordered the Ultimate Warrior (apple cider, pear, banana, chia seeds, kale and camu camu), and it was the perfect treat after my run – some competition for my own morning smoothie recipe! I’ll definitely be making an Ultimate Warrior myself in the future.

Greenwich Beach 1

After our pit stop, we we finally on the way to the beach! Not s cloud in the sky and hardly another soul on the beach, it was so serene and simply beautiful. I took a wonderful nap under my fedora.

Greenwich Beach 2

Tired out from the sun and tummies rumbling, it was time for a late lunch. Once again as recommended by Desiree, we went to Meli-melo. Although it sells macarons and true buckwheat crèpes, this is not your typical French crèperie. It’s atmosphere is a little more funky, sunny, and airy than your usual cozy hole in the wall. But more importantly, their menu offers a multitude of creative crèpes, both sweet and savory, as well as salads, paninis, soups, smoothies, juices, gelato flavours, and baked goods – in my opinion, all that is good in life.  Clearly, this place is right up my ally. I ordered the valentine crèpe, definitely one of the more jam packed crèpes on the menu. My plate, of course, was still empty by the end of the meal 🙂

Greenwich Beach 3

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