Father’s Day Brunch At Le Train Bleu

There’s a famous bistro in Paris called Le Train Bleu. Known for its history, gorgeously ornate décor, and fantastic food, this restaurant gastronomique is on every trip planning list. Located in the hall of the Gare de Lyon, it has been serving guests and travelers since 1901. Us over in the United States are lucky enough to have our own Le Train Bleu. Hidden away on the 6th floor of Bloomingdales, it’s no restaurant one would simply stumble upon. Fortunately, my dad is also a foodie who likes to research restaurants online and decided to try it out for a Father’s Day brunch.

Entering the restaurant, I felt as if I had stepped onto an old fashioned train carriage, stuffy, cozy, and ornately decorated from the ceiling to the walls. After looking through the menu, my entire family was hardly able to narrow it down to three choices – the entire menu sounded so enticing, we wanted to try it all. With some help from our eccentric waitress, we were finally all able to come to a decision. To start, we shared the Petrossian Smoked Salmon. Très Bon.

My dad ordered Le Train Bleu Burger

My mom had an omelet with smoked salmon, bris, asparagus, and truffle oil.

My brother had the Steak Frites

And I ordered the Salade Niçoise.

Having tried a wee bite of everyone’s, I can attest to the fact that it was all absolutely délicieuse – and that, if I could, I would certainly order one of everything on the menu. The perfect Father’s Day brunch.

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