A Fully Booked Fourth of July Weekend

I know this post is a week late; I was quite busy this week and didn’t get a chance to write! Anyway, I really wanted to share my jam-packed, but fantastic Fourth of July weekend. It started on Thursday in New Jersey at my friend Jess’s pool. Hidden away on a terrace surrounded by trees, their pool is a little piece of paradise with a ‘beach bar’ and a waterfall – perfect for pool parties. We then moved to my friend Jane’s house for beer, BBQ, and swimming. It was a fun and exhausting day that ended in a lot of Chinese food.


On Friday, Chris came into the city to see me. We had plans that evening to meet up with my roommate Nora and see a band (friends of the Locavaux Crew who I spoke of in my Electric Forest post) play at the Cutting Room. Their band is called Rabbit In The Rye, and they are “a progressive folk rock trio from Hamilton, NY,” (where Colgate University is!) consisting of Joseph Mettler (on guitar and harmonica), Alexander Lavon (on bass), and Brendan O’Connor (on percussion and mandolin). Before the show, with all day to get lost in a giant Whole Foods and come up with a delicious recipe, we decided to stay in and cook instead of going out. Delicious fresh king salmon was for once on sale that day at Whole Foods, so right then and there the decision was made that we would be papering some form of salmon that night. We ended up going with an oven baked pesto salmon with artichoke hearts and tomatoes (click here for the recipe).

King Salmon

Light and tasty, the fish was fantastic. Oh, and I almost forgot, Chris spied a bottle of Delirium on the shelves at Whole Foods – the beer I fell in love with after trying it at Flex Mussels. That too was fantastic and went well with the fish – although, I have to say, it’s much better on tap.


After a few glasses of Delerium, we headed on over to the Cutting Room. The place was dark and ornate with a cool, classic rock and roll vibe. Before Rabbit In The Rye went on, we ordered a couple drinks at the bar, where the awesome Australian bartender let me sample all the beers on tap before deciding which one I wanted.


Then Rabbit In the Rye went on. Their performance, although much briefer than I would have liked, was great. Joe Mettler’s voice is beautiful, and their lyrics are pure poetry. I also thoroughly enjoyed Brendan O’Connors sense of humor with his jokes between songs. A laid back, down to earth group with a great sound and a certain mode de vie to share, Rabbit In The Rye is a band that emanates authenticity. I highly encourage all lovers of folk music to give them a listen (check out some of their music here).

Yankee 2

On Saturday, Chris took me to my first Yankees game, which was very exciting! It was a day game, and unfortunately a grueling 90 degree one that Saturday. But Chris and I lucked out completely with second level aisle seats in the shade – we had a great (and cool) view of the game! On top of that, they beat the Orioles 5-4. Although we wanted them to lose, seeing Chris Davis hit a home run was pretty cool as he leads the MLB home runs. Okay, I don’t actually know much about baseball seeing as it was my first game, so here are Chris’ highlights:

We had great seats along the first base line and thankfully in the shade. After a rough first inning, in which major league home run leader Chris Davis took Andy Pettitte yard to deep center, the Yankee starter eventually settled down. The day was highlighted by a Yankee rally thanks to timely hitting from Eduardo Nunez, who made his return from the DL in style with 2 hits and 2 RBI. However, the real treat was hearing “Enter Sandman” one last time as Mariano Rivera jogged out of the bullpen to a standing ovation from the home crowd. Mo pitched a perfect 9th to cap the Yankee rally with the save and a W.

From the beers and hotdogs to the greats seats and the spirit of the game, I really enjoyed my first game!

Yankee 1

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