Max Brenner: Death By Chocolate on Des’ Day Out

My dear friend Desiree shares my love of food. She’s eats well on the reg, but is a girl who loves her sweets and knows you need to indulge every now and then. So of course it was Desiree behind our outing to Max Brenner, and she was as excited as a kid in a candy store; I therefore declare it Des’ Day Out. Max Brenner is an Israeli chocolate bar chain that started as a small shop in Israel selling handmade chocolates. Oded (Max) Brenner’s chocolate bars now exist all over the world from Australia to Singapore, and we’re lucky to have one in New York!

max brenner outfits

We had to of course look cute en route to the restaurant (and also wear something that would cover our soon to be food babies) – Left to Right (Cait’s the blondie)
Mia: top – DIY / skirt – American Apparel / bandeau – Asos / sunglasses – Ray-Ban / bag – Michael Kors
Desiree: top – Urban Outfitters / shorts – Madewell / necklace – Madewell / bracelet – Cruciani
Nora: top – Aritzia / shorts – Urban Outfitters / wallet – Kate Spade
Caitlin: top – Free People / shorts – Abercrombie

I think most people think of chocolate like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as fun and happiness, childhood memories and romance. They can only experience all this in their dreams. Then I knew what I wanted to create: a 3D chocolate experience, to tell the chocolate story in a very broad way; a way that hadn’t ever been done before. I wanted to create a chocolate culture. – Max Brenner

the restaurant

As the menu said, “first food, then sweets.” So as much as we wanted to go straight to the chocolate, we thought we’d better order some real food first.

Our meals

I have to say – and you wouldn’t think to order this – my favorite part of the meal, chocolate aside, was the Mediterranean trio of dips and pita. It makes sense now that I know the restaurant is Israeli. The pita was baked in olive oil and was amazing. And all three dips (hummus, eggplant, and baba ganoush) were all great as well. And then came the chocolate! The classic European chocolate fondue to be exact. I don’t even need to describe it; the photos say it all.



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