Shopping In the Rain: Nu New York

After our huge lunch at Max Brenner, Nora and I needed to go walk it off. And what better way to do so than window shopping in the area? Of course, this always turns into actual shopping. Right down the street, we stumbled upon a small boutique called Nu New York, a New York based brand that has three stores across the city. It sort of reminded me of a Madewell meets Aritzia. All of their clothing was really cute, made of nice materials, and reasonably priced. What’s great is I found out they have a website to shop their clothing online (or perhaps it’s bad – yet another site to add to my online shopping addiction). You should definitely check it out.

Once inside the store, we knew our window shopping plan had turned into a shopping trip. I finally found the perfect black maxi dress – an adorable one that actually fit! (At 5’2, I have trouble with all things maxi; they’re always too long!)


photo 420130728-185915.jpg

I also found a really cute and unique patterned maxi skirt.


photo 2-120130728-185230.jpg

And lastly, this awesome pair of joggers that are soo comfy with a fun bright pattern. I inevitably had to wear them out that night!


I may have looked trendy, but I felt as if I were wearing pjs out – it was amazing!

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