A Food Instagram to Follow

Not only do I like to cook and bake, but I also love to eat and explore – I am a foodie through and through. So while I was studying in Paris, where I was of course constantly consuming while meticulous documenting the most amazing meals, I decided to start a food Instagram blog. Finally, an outlet for all my food photography! A place where I can continuously post photos of food for people who appreciate them. (Also, so I don’t fill up the feeds of my friends by posting them on my personal account).

photo 1

The account contains both pictures of food I’ve cooked myself as well as the delicious dishes I’ve enjoyed out. And, of course, I geo-tag everything in the hopes that while scrolling through my feed and stumbling upon something amazing-looking, one can go and try out the restaurant for themselves. I will also be sharing here the recipes of most of my own creations that I post on the account!

So, all my fellow food lovers and Instagram users, please follow @idk__food (For the Love of Food).
Yes, it’s ‘idk’ as in ‘I dunno… food?’ – a joke of a user name that my friends and I decided upon when we were unable to come up with a clever name on the spot that I somehow haven’t been able to part with. So, here’s just a taste of some of the photos I upload:

idk__food photos


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