3-Day Smoothie Cleanse


Mia’s Three Day Cleanse

Mia’s Three Day Cleanse (right click & save to download)

Whether it’s a post-holiday season detox (trying to flush all those drinks, desserts, and hors d’oeuvres out of your body) or simply an attempt to boost your body’s energy before a big day, juice cleanses have become the popular method of quickly refreshing and whipping one’s body back into shape. Like a spa for your insides that radiates the rejuvenation outwards into everything from your complexion to your energy levels, these cleanses can be extremely beneficial if done right.

Some people spend hundreds of dollars on pre-made juice cleanses that they order online. But don’t assume that just because a brand has their own website that they have precisely combined the perfect ingredients to create the most rejuvenating cleanse. Do your research beforehand – read reviews of the brand and choose the right cleanse for you. Have you done a cleanse before? What kinds of food do you typically eat and how much, on average, do you consume? Don’t starve yourselves people!
For those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a pre-made juice cleanse, some may consider making the cleanse themselves. However, people are often put off either by the price of purchasing a juicer, or because they don’t know exactly what kinds of juices they should be creating.

That brings me to my 3-day smoothie cleanse. With just a blender and the fresh ingredients required for the recipes you’d like to make, you can easily create your own 3-day cleanse. My weapon of choice is the Ninja, which you can get on Amazon for just $40! It more than does the trick and can tackle any amount of ice or frozen fruit.
But beyond the fact that blenders tend to cost less than juicers, I personally prefer smoothies to juices.

Juicing and smoothies each have their own benefits.

Benefits of Juices
A juice is essentially a smoothie without the fiber of the ingredients. Therefore, fresh juices made with greens allow people to get a ton of nutrients per caloric intake. In other words, they are more nutrient dense than smoothies because the lack of fiber allows you to consume more nutrients before becoming to full. Additionally, without the fiber, the nutrients of the greens will be absorbed into your bloodstream more quickly.

Benefits of Smoothies
Fiber, however, is an important part of your daily diet. Here’s where the benefits of smoothies come in. Because of the fiber, not only are smoothies colon-cleansing, but they are actually satiating and satisfying. Protein and fiber are the nutrient needed to fill you up. Therefore, smoothies can be used as meal replacements, whereas juices cannot.

Based on these facts, the advantages of juicing really only make sense when you are comparing purely green juices to green smoothies. Unless you can handle drinking straight up greens, I’m assuming that most people prefer to mask their greens with fruit.
As I said before when discussing the benefits of juicing, with the fiber removed, the liquid juice of the produce is absorbed into your bloodstream more quickly. So, if you are only juicing fruits, you would quickly absorb their sugar, causing a spike in blood sugar, followed by a crash. Furthermore, without the fiber, juices cannot be used as meal replacements, leaving you hungry sooner.
To conclude, smoothies allow you to combine fruit and leafy greens in ratios that taste good, satiate you, and don’t cause a rapid spike in blood sugar. Therefore, I prefer to use smoothies instead of juices when doing a cleanse.


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