A Couple of my Favorite Wine Bars

There is no shortage of places to drink in New York city. With so many options, it’s tough to decide just where you want to sit and sip. There are many wine bars around the city that more than meet my standards, so which one I go to usually depends on where I am. That said, I do have a few favorites that I might just got out of my way to return to. Aside from having stellar wine lists (which is a given), each of these bars has something special about them that sets them aside from the rest and keeps me coming back.

First, there’s Amélie on W 8th street. Opened by Germain Michel following the success of his wine bar in San Fransisco, this little restaurant and wine bar gets its name from the French film, and one can see from it’s funky, art deco décor how the place was inspired by the film. This is a great spot for happy hour and sharing small plates. During the restaurant’s happier hour (because all hours are happy), one can get a flight of 3 glasses of wine for $12! And those 3 glasses can be any wine on the place’s exhaustive wine list, with a particularly good selection of French wines, of course.

The restaurant gives equal amount of attention to its menu. The menu is short and simple, but well crafted with tasty French specialties that pair well with the wines. The dishes I’ve had there were delicious, made with quality ingredients. (The bread was some of the best I’ve had since I was in Paris). All in all, Amelie is an authentic, always buzzing, and affordable spot for great wine and food.

Image from Eat Up New York

Image from Eat Up New York

Another personal favorite of mine is Kaia Wine Bar on 3rd and 91st. This wine bar has a great New World wine list that emphasizes South Aftica. The owner and chef both hail from the Free State and wish to bring a little bit of home to the United States. The wine bar also serves farm-to-table small plates inspired by traditional South African dishes. With its open brick wall, wooden tables, and low hanging lights, the small room has a cozy, relaxed atmosphere that matches the food and wine being served.

Different moods call for different wine bars, so it’s always great to have a few go-to favorites for when the mood strikes. More reviews to come!

Image from Yelp

Image from Yelp

I’d like to thank Nora Edmonds for featuring this post on her website’s blog. If you are passionate about wine and also love a good book, you should check out the rest of her site, The Novel Wine Club, an online wine and book club!


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